Where To Find Interesting Topics For Social Networks And Blog Posts

"I am completely at a loss! I registered on Instagram, but I do not understand what to write about". I have no idea what to start with, and it seems to me that everything has been written and rewritten a hundred times already. Does it sound familiar? And it looks as that copywriting is some magic. Finding exciting topics is primarily a skill that improves through practice. But, of course, you also need to know something.

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Notebook, Pen, Two Ears

  1. Use them to the maximum. Within a month, write down all the questions (even "stupid") that your customers ask. There will be something like "Will the courier bring me ten t-shirts to choose from?", "What will happen if, during the delivery, my order is damaged or stolen? Will I learn how to plan finances after completing your course?" , "How much time will it take for the day to do my homework on the course? ", "How many consultations will it take you to increase your self-esteem, do you give any guarantees of the result? ", Etc.

  2. Each question, doubt, clarification, concern of your client is a (ta-dah!) topic for a new publication on a blog or your brand's page on social networks. And people who plan to make purchases from you or have already bought something are the source of all these topics. Your task is to learn to hear these people. Well, ok, sometimes you need to ask them leading questions.
  3. If you analyze the entire list, then after a while you will find that: a) your customers, it turns out, have a lot of recurring breaking points - these are the topics that concern people most often; b) so many exciting questions will accumulate that you will sincerely be surprised why you previously had a shortage of ideas for publications. So: a notebook, pen, two ears, and write down all the questions that you hear from buyers during communication.
  4. If the flow of requests is stable, at least 2-3 people a day, then within a month, you will collect at least 50 topics. And then if you are lazy. And if you work rolling up your sleeves, then receive a couple of hundred ideas for posts. After that, distribute them among the sections of the content plan and start writing content.

Turn One Topic into Ten.

  1. To create an even higher reserve of themes, use a variety of genres. In other words, each topic can be turned to the reader by different parties. Suppose you are a psychologist, and you have the idea of ??the post "Children's tantrums: how to cope." Let's create ten varieties of this theme.

  2. The note. A useful, expert post that children's tantrums is healthy and that the main thing in them is the parent's ability to react correctly.
  3. Interview. A short conversation with your client who is ready to share how your recommendations helped him change his behavior during the child's tantrums and what results he ultimately received.
  4. Feuilleton. A funny post about children's tantrums. For example, a tantrum through the eyes of a child or a tantrum through the eyes of an anxious grandmother and the eyes of a dad "in Zen," described playfully.
  5. Newsjacking. Keep track of news about how celebrity children are having tantrums and how their stellar parents react to it. Use news such as an informational occasion to talk about this topic in your account.
  6. Blitz survey. Combine in one post the opinions of three different mothers about what emotions they experience during childhood tantrums, help your readers experience familiar feelings, and understand that they are not alone.
  7. Expert opinion. Invite a neurologist to share an opinion on children's tantrums in terms of biochemistry, for example.
  8. Checklist. A list of mom's five necessary actions if she sees that the child's hysteria begins.
  9. Expert chat. Arrange on your page an evening of questions on the topic of children's tantrums, during which you will give short recommendations and answers to readers on situations of concern to them.
  10. Post as an exchange of experience. Write one small piece of advice that helps the parent maintain composure during childhood tantrums, and invite readers to share their ways.
  11. Story. Tell the story of a mother who could not cope with the tantrums of the child and reacted aggressively to them. And also about what path she went to change the situation, and to what results from this led.
  12. Now, instead of the topic "childish tantrums, tears and hysterics," take any other relevant to your page, and try to come up with branches in the same way.
  13. And also about the life of your content. Posts that resonated with your audience can and should be republished on pages on social networks. For example, the presence of content on Instagram is only a few hours, on Facebook, about a day. Sometimes you write this post much more time than it lives. And after six months, few people will ever remember that you had such a publication. That is why it is worth repeating your masterpieces from time to time - let them work for you again. And you enjoy the results of your work, and you deserve it.
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