What are the Steps to Socialize Blog Posts?

Blog posts are like mayflies - they only last a few hours before they die off and become obsolete. To extend their life, use these 6 steps to socialize your blog posts. Follow the steps in the correct order and your blog posts will live for weeks! To get started, check out our social sharing guide. We'll explain each step and how to optimize your blog posts for the social network. And don't forget to share your posts with your friends!

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Choose a Blog hosting platform

  1. Blogger is a good choice for new bloggers who want to create their own online communities. It's easy to sign up and start posting to your new blog immediately. The user interface is simple, with an intuitive "Write" button. However, it's worth noting that Blogger doesn't offer free plans, and hides its "Start for free" prompts. You will also be unable to get a free domain name until you have purchased a paid plan.
  2. Bloggers who are not familiar with Drupal will be interested in learning more about this open source blogging platform. While Drupal offers a lot of power, it's most suitable for advanced users or enterprise businesses with complex blogging needs. Unlike other open source blog hosting platforms, Drupal offers hundreds of features and modules. However, the features and modules may prove confusing, hindering a blogger's blogging efforts. If you're looking for a simpler blog hosting platform, consider Wix or WordPress.
  3. SquareSpace is another blogging platform worth considering. Squarespace allows users to set up their blog with ease. Its drag and drop builder is known for being easy to use and offers professional, customizable websites. In addition to the free website and domain, Squarespace also offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. The platform is also easy to customize and allows multi-author blogs. In addition, it offers SEO tools, including backlink analysis. This helps business owners make money.
  4. Contently is another blogging platform worth considering. It offers enterprise users advanced user management and content management features. It is also an excellent alternative to WordPress for community blogs. It allows users to manage hundreds of users and manage content in multiple languages. The platform's powerful built-in functionality makes it an excellent choice for enterprise companies that don't have a lot of editorial resources. It also allows users to create custom post types and manage hundreds of users.

Make Use of Online gaming platform

  1. During the past year, the gaming industry has begun to enter the attention of marketers. While stereotypical images of the gamer (the young male with antisocial tendencies) remain true, today's persistent multiplayer worlds are far more social and engaging. Social gamers prioritize building personal brands, running customer communities, and personalizing products. They also value being unique and standing out among a crowd. Characters and avatars can help gamers express their unique personality.
  2. Another benefit of using an online gaming platform is the ability to share your gamer's activity with others. For instance, if you're playing PUBG, you may want to know when your friends hit new high scores or if they've collected enough in-game items to earn an achievement. You can see when your friends are active in-game, and their overall experience points are displayed. The activity feed also allows you to share your personalized leaderboards with other users in your gamer's network.

Enjoy the Benefits of Guest posting platform

  1. If you're considering a guest posting platform, you should take some time to look for the most popular topics. Outbrain is a great example. This popular online advertising platform connects content creators and audience. Its content covers topics like entertainment, style, technology, and personal stories. It's perfect for writers with expertise in multiple areas. Its rules are simple to follow and its community is active and engaged.
  2. Guest posting is a good SEO tactic and many bloggers are using it to boost their search engine rankings. In exchange for being published on a particular website, the author of the guest post can include a link back to their own website or blog. Of course, the link must make sense for the reader, and should be placed in the bio or body of the post. Some blog editors place a no-follow tag on guest author links, which makes them lower quality backlinks. Luckily, Google has updated its algorithm recently to penalize sites that place no-follow links on their guest posts.
  3. Guest posting is an important part of search engine optimization, and a strong social media strategy is always beneficial. It can provide you with a backlink to your website and establish your authority among your audience. The process of guest posting is simple: you write a blog article that suits the needs of the host blog. In return, you receive a backlink to your own website, typically located at the bottom of the article.
  4. The benefits of guest posting include building relationships with bloggers and introducing your content to new readers. It's also a great way to build credibility and SEO. But don't forget to make your outreach unique and personalized. Using guest posting platforms is a great way to reach your audience, increase your social media influence, and earn valuable analytics. It's definitely worth a try. You'll be glad you did!
  5. If you choose a guest posting platform, make sure it has social media integration. It's important to be transparent about your social media presence, and make sure to maintain active Facebook and Twitter accounts. If possible, follow the blog owner on a regular basis and check their social profiles to see what their followers think about your content. Then, share it with your friends and followers on social media! This way, more people will see it.

Perks of using Publicize to manage your social networking profiles

Publicize offers a variety of options for managing your social networking profiles. You can customize your messages, toggle between platforms, and manage your connections. You can also select different wordings for various networks and audience types. You can even re-share specific posts on social networks. You can also re-post a specific article or blog post to various social media networks. For more options, you can even choose which networks you want to target.

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