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The TP-Link archer AC5400 is a triband wireless router capable of providing a maximum speed of 5400 Mbps Bandwidth works in latest 802.11ac technology.

It has 8 external antennas with MU-MIMO technology. MU-MIMO technology capable of providing a wide area coverage with simultaneous multi devices connectivity. So you can use multiple devices without buffering because MU-MIMO technology also analyse which device is using the most of the bandwidth and provide accordingly.

Its output port includes 4 ethernet ports so that you can connect 4 wired devices and consist of 2 high speed USB ports to make your wired devices wireless.

When you pull the TP-LINK Archer C5400 out of the case, the main thing you'll see is the way disgustingly minimized it is contrasted with other AC5400 switches in a similar power level. With eight radio wires that crease outward from the base of the unit, the C5400 looks entirely like its rivals on style alone, picking the capacity over-structure stylish that numerous other AC5400 units take to engage their center base of potential clients.

This kind of no nonsense frame of mind toward configuration is fine in my book, as long as the switch has the execution to back it up (additional on that later). At just 1.7 inches tall and somewhat less than 10 inches wide, the AC5400 is by a long shot the slimmest switch we've seen at this cost. This implies on the off chance that you need to stuff it into a tight corner in your family room or mount it behind your work area, you'll have no issue getting it to fit precisely where you need without the additional issue.

The Archer C5400 is so little you could notwithstanding expedite it the street with you without issue, an accomplishment that not very many different remote systems administration gadgets could accomplish themselves. TP-LINK has dependably been on the ball with regards to the plan of their switches, yet the super-little C5400 accomplishes something some additional extraordinary here, regardless of whether its general look may be somewhat off-putting to clients who aren't an aficionado of the modern chic style.

The TP-LINK's work area and Smartphone "Tie" application appear as though they have a place decisively in the year 2016, rather than being stuck in the obfuscated, terrible past of days gone by's switch programming. Clean lines and benevolent shading plans highlight an amazing measure of customization, including everything from setting up the media server to dealing with the quantity of customers on your system at some random time.

Other supportive highlights incorporated the choice to course all traffic experiencing your preferred switch to the VPN administration, just as the capacity to set up a print server and introduce a 4G-associated USB modem on the off chance that you're utilizing the router in a hurry.   

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