Top 6 Home Improvements Priorities of 2019

According to the latest survey launched by home improvement professionals, most of the people today are looking to find some interesting trends and techniques that can enhance the look of their interiors. The survey polled two groups about home improvement, one of the groups included luxury contractors who earn more than $135,000 a year and random homeowners who make less than $135,000 a year.

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Here we have mentioned some top priorities explained by those homeowners:

  1. Painting a room in a unique way: Painting a room in the best color usually looks like the fastest and inexpensive idea that can give a complete makeover to your room. It’s simply a good DIY project that might be tackled over a couple of days. The awesome part about this kind of project is that the homeowners can simply take a greater risk with color and paint over it if it’s not looking desirable.
  2. Replacing the floors: Replacing the floors is not only high on the priority list, but it’s actually a very smart trick that can enhance the look of your interiors. So, an upgrade to hardwood flooring will simply add up to 3.5% to the actual home’s sale price.
  3. Bathroom renovation: According to the recent report published by report National Association of Realtors, the entire kitchen improvement, a perfect kitchen upgrade, and the smart bathroom renovation have topped the list among all the home improvement projects that might add value and increase the resale price of your home.
  4. Kitchen remodeling: The advanced, updated and functional kitchen is usually included in a list of one of the top features most of the homeowners are looking for. But it’s also essential to not go overboard on the immediate renovations, since, according to the reports, a minor kitchen renovation would recoup almost 85% of its cost, while the biggest mid-range kitchen remodel has will have more than 70% return on investment.
  5. Furniture decoration and accessories adjustment: The best kind of furniture and unique accessories can simply bring new life to your bedroom. So, if the budget is limited, then it’s better to focus on buying some high-quality furniture piece for your room and then bargain hunt for other useful items of the house. For instance, while redecorating your lounge, splurge on the chairs and sofas, as you have to spend plenty of time sitting on it and get creative with accessorizing it more.
  6. Addition of a separate laundry room: A well-organized, beautiful but separate laundry room will not only make your life easier, but it would be best for completing regular tasks of laundry and will make it pleasant. So, depending on the space you have, you can choose to make a separate laundry room which might be a simple task for your home renovation contractor. Therefore, if you want to enhance the look of your interiors, you have a list of possible ideas that can increase the worth of your space.

There are still lot more trends that are becoming the priority of homeowners these days, just like the addition of smart home appliances; but the fact is, they are not affordable for everyone due to their costs. So choosing the above-mentioned ones can be reliable and feasible to adopt for every homeowner in 2019.

  • Ambreen Sajjad: Ambreen Sajjad is a technical content writer and working for Renovaten. She has a passion for helping people in all aspects of Digital marketing, Call center industry and home improvement etc. In addition to writing for different high profile blogs, she also provides SEO training and consultancy to fresh graduates who are looking to boost their career.