Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TVs Arrive in India

Get ready for a home entertainment revolution! Samsung has unveiled its latest masterpiece - the Neo QLED 8K TVs - in India. These aren't just your average television sets; they're a gateway to a world of stunning visuals, unparalleled clarity, and intelligent features that redefine the way you experience content.

A Feast for the Eyes: Quantum Matrix Technology Takes Center Stage

The Neo QLED 8K boasts a groundbreaking display powered by Samsung's revolutionary Quantum Matrix Technology. Imagine a million tiny Mini LEDs precisely controlling light and darkness on the screen. This translates to breathtaking brightness, deep inky blacks, and a level of contrast that makes every scene pop with life. Witness the director's vision come to life with incredible detail, from the subtle variations in a sunlit meadow to the inky depths of a faraway galaxy.

Intelligence Meets Entertainment: The NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor Elevates Your Experience

The Neo QLED 8K isn't just about brute force; it's about intelligent optimization. The NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, a powerhouse of artificial intelligence, analyzes every frame you watch. It then upscales content to near-8K resolution, ensuring stunning clarity even for non-native content. The AI also optimizes sound, tailoring it to the content on screen and your viewing environment. Whether it's the heart-pounding roar of a spaceship engine or the delicate whispers of a dialogue scene, prepare to be enveloped in immersive, lifelike audio.

Defy Glare, Embrace Immersion: Anti-Reflection Technology for Uninterrupted Viewing

Let's face it, finding the perfect viewing spot in your living room can be a battle against glare. But not anymore. The Neo QLED 8K TVs boast an innovative anti-reflection technology that absorbs and scatters unwanted light. This means you can enjoy a flawless viewing experience, no matter the ambient light conditions. Bask in the glory of a captivating movie even on a sunny afternoon, or lose yourself in a thrilling game without distracting reflections interrupting your immersion.

Smart TV Redefined: A Seamless Gateway to Entertainment

The Neo QLED 8K isn't just about the picture and sound; it's also about a smarter way to enjoy entertainment. The intuitive smart TV platform offers a world of possibilities, from accessing popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ to exploring a vast library of movies and shows. Voice control allows you to effortlessly navigate the interface or search for content using simple commands. It's a truly seamless and user-friendly experience that elevates your home entertainment to a whole new level.

Who Should Embrace the Neo QLED 8K Revolution?

These TVs are a dream come true for discerning viewers who demand the absolute best. Gamers will revel in the ultra-high-resolution display and potentially fast refresh rates (exact refresh rates to be confirmed), ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay. Movie buffs will find themselves transported to new worlds with the unparalleled picture quality and immersive audio. And for anyone who appreciates cutting-edge technology and a premium smart TV experience, the Neo QLED 8K is a truly game-changing investment.

Model Information and Availability:

Samsung offers the Neo QLED 8K TVs in two variants: QN900D and QN800D. These are available in screen sizes of 65, 75, and 85 inches. You can find them on the Samsung India website ( and at major retailers across the country.


The starting price for the Neo QLED 8K TVs in India is No Cost EMI starts from ? 179966.69/ month

A Glimpse into the Future of Home Entertainment

The Neo QLED 8K TVs represent a significant leap forward in television technology. With their stunning visuals, intelligent processing, and innovative features, they redefine what's possible in the home entertainment space. Whether you're a die-hard cinephile or a casual viewer, these TVs promise an experience that's captivating, immersive, and simply unforgettable.

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