Revitalize Your Life With a Sip of Rejuvenation Green Tea

Tea is the most consumed drink on the planet after water. However, 78 percent of the tea consumed globally is dark and just around 20 percent is green. Green tea is produced using leaves which are not oxidized and is one of the less prepared types of tea. It, therefore, contains the most antioxidants and helpful polyphenols. Examine the infographic underneath to see why you should begin drinking this remarkable green tea at the present time.

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Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Green tea decreases bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the proportion of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol. 

  2. Green tea can helps with wrinkles and the signs of maturing, this is a direct result of their antioxidants and mitigating exercises. Both animals and human checks have shown that green tea applied topically can decrease sun harm. 
  3. Green tea has amazing antioxidants that may protect against cancer. Different investigations prove that green tea consumers have a lower danger of different types of cancer. 
  4. Green tea may similarly help treat skin conditions, for example, dermatitis and genital moles. 
  5. Having green tea may make your bones stronger. This might be on the grounds that it is alkaline-forming in your body, keeping the purifying of minerals from your bones to counteract blood acidity and keep up reasonable blood pH. 
  6. Drinking green tea can lead to a higher quality of life and a decreased danger of dying from any disease. 
  7. Drinking green tea consumption lowers the danger of stroke. Individuals who drank green tea consistently had around 20-30% lower chances of getting a stroke, compared with the individuals who did not have it or who consume it in a very small amount.
  8. Studies have proved that green tea brings down the chances of periodontal illness, a bacterial infection that influences the gums and bones supporting the teeth. The catechins in green tea are known to restrict bacterial development and therefore prevent mouth infections and diminish the risk of oral cancer.

Interestingly, other prominent teas, for example, dark and oolong teas are produced using the leaves of a similar tea plant as green tea. However, those types of tea don't have the same health benefits as of green tea.

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