Relationship Issues - No Trust in Relationship

A healthy relationship is a build of many important things and Trust is the Big One among them. Sadly, most of us struggle a lot to build and strengthen trust in our relationship. This article can help your relationship survive longer.

Trust Issues in Relationship - SocializeBlog

Do you have mutual trust in your relationship? The reason for this question is the fact that trust can’t be built if only one partner is willing to do this and the other isn’t. 

Why does it matter? The first thing to know that, a healthy relationship happens gradually. When you don't have mutual trust, there is neither cooperation nor progress. 

It is quite necessary for both of you to agree on the same path. The path of trust and a healthy relationship. 

Still, It is not enough!  Partners do make mistakes unwillingly in their relationship that raise major trust issues.

I advise you to stop doing these things right now to push trust issues out from your relationship:

  1. Not saying what you mean, and do not mean what you saying. 
  2. Not respecting each other.
  3. Expressing their feelings to the third person.
  4. Not being vulnerable to each other.
  5. Not using the doubts wisely to strengthen trust.
  6. Not admitting their mistakes.
  7. Not making efforts to make each other happy.
  8. Putting something else on priority.
  9. Converting conversation into an interrogation.
  10. Not feeling comfortable handing phone to each other.

Lifetime Tip: "Being able to trust yourself is an important component in trusting others. If your past bad experiences are conflicting in building trust in yourself, then watch inspirational videos or read motivational blogs."

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