Lubi Electronics Set up New Venture With the Name Lubi Solar

Lubi Solar is the solar division of leading Lubi Group of Industries having a rich heritage of more than 50 Years in India and Specially well known brand for Solar Pump and Motor. Lubi manufactures highly efficient solar panels which made by high quality & efficient cells procured by global suppliers.

In recent years, the field of solar technology has witnessed remarkable advancements. Lubi Solar, in alignment with its commitment to cutting-edge innovation, has incorporated the latest technologies in its manufacturing processes. This includes the utilization of bifacial solar cells that capture sunlight from both the front and rear sides, thereby enhancing energy yield.

The environmental benefits of solar power cannot be overstated. By harnessing the sun's energy, Lubi Solar contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions, mitigating the impact of climate change. Solar power is a clean and sustainable energy source that aligns with global efforts to transition towards greener alternatives and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

To achive 100GW Indian Govt. Target from solar power by 2022, Lubi Group Started Own manufacturing Line with under "Make in India" concept. 

There are many grid-tied rooftop solar installations as well as solar pumping systems installtion sucessfully completed by Lubi Solar. Total turnkey project development solutions from Lubi starting right from design & development, construction, and maintenance.

The core manufacturing of the company for Solar panel, Solar pump and solar rooftop system with High quality Material and high quality solar cells. Company manufactures Poly and mono crystalline solar panels and the solal pv panel deploy 4/5 busbar solar cells which improve the overall efficiency.

Lubi solar is well known name in the solar pumping Ecosystem. the solar pumping market is projected to grow at around 18% CAGR during F.Y 2017-22. Considering the aggrasive target of 10lacs solar pumping system, nationaly, set by MNRE, Lubi Solar shall benefit manifold considering it's ranking among the top 10 pump suplliers.

Solar Panel Review:

Poly-crystalline Solar Panel from 5w to 330w (18 to 72 cells), Best key Features such as high efficient, low light performance, high PID, severe weather resistance with 25 years of performance warranty.

Mono-crystalline solar panel from 5w to 330w (18 to 72 cells) with high efficiency, durability, corrosion free, high PID resistance key features. Panel is higher effiecient up to 18.57% from using PERC technology.

Quality Assurence of Lubi Solar:

  • Rigorous quality control Standard
  • Module can perform under extreme environmental conditions
  • 100% inspected by sun simulator & EL Tester
  • Excellent low light performance

Key Features of Lubi Solar Panel:

  • MNRE & STQC Certified Panel
  • long-term weather endurance with P68 junction box.
  • 100% In-House automatic manufacturing.
  • Wind load upto 2400Pa and Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa.
  • Panel efficiency up to 17.00% achieved through advanced cell technology.
  • Certified for PID free modules.

Company is commited to generating growth by educating and promoting renewable source of energy to contribute towards greener planet and commited to connecting more people to solar powered services through a nationwide network of professional dealers.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Lubi Solar actively engages in community outreach programs to promote awareness about renewable energy. These initiatives include educational campaigns, workshops, and collaborations with local communities. By fostering a deeper understanding of solar energy and its benefits, Lubi Solar aims to empower individuals and communities to embrace sustainable practices.

In addition to grid-tied rooftop installations and solar pumping systems, Lubi Solar is actively involved in research and development to explore new applications for solar technology. This includes foraying into off-grid solutions for rural electrification, helping bridge the energy access gap in remote areas.

Lubi Solar's journey towards achieving the 100GW solar power target set by the Indian government goes beyond mere numbers. It reflects a commitment to technological excellence, environmental stewardship, and global sustainability goals. As the world pivots towards renewable energy solutions, Lubi Solar stands at the forefront, driving innovation and contributing to the creation of a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

  • Jignesh Prajapati: This is Jignesh Prajapti Solar Energy consultant at Lubi Solar, completed multiple task as a Digital Marketing Professonal and Marketing In Charge, and also oversses the editorial content and managing website, its blog/news sections and social media promotions as well.