Interesting Facts About Internet

Technology facts are far more interesting than you think. Let's know about some amazing facts about internet and its invention.

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Reason Behind the Invention of the Internet

The strands of today's internet stretch back to the early 1960s, when computer scientists began brainstorming a system for researchers, educators, and government agencies to share information through their computers. 

United States government officials realized the worth of the network of linked computers during the war. It has a great advantage to keeping the work ON even if any of it gets damaged. U.S. Department of Defense-funded research into an early network known as the ARPANET, which, over time and through the many upgrades, evolved into the modern Internet and the world wide web (the system of linked pages that people browse on the internet). 

A system that got started with linking in between four computers has emerged into a worldwide network of more than 75 million servers.

Who Owns the Internet?

Nobody. Not a single person, company, or government. The internet is a network of millions of interconnected computers and servers spread across the globe.
A nonprofit international group called the internet society does watch over the global network, establishing protocols (a system of rules for sharing data) and promoting its evolution and access to everybody. 

WHY do internet addresses start with"http://www"? 

HTTP which stands for "hypertext transfer protocol" is the language of rules that control how your browser navigates the network of linked pages know as the world wide web (which is where the "www" comes from). when you enter a website name into your browser address bar(or click on a link within a page ), protocols contact the site's hosting server and fetch the requested web page, which then pops up on your computer screen.

Myth About WorldWide Availability of "Word Wide Web"

Technically, it is right that the "Worldwide Web" or Internet can be accessed by anybody anywhere but there are many countries in the world that blocks the Internet. Yes, they either block or filter access to the Internet. In critical situations, also punish their people who post information on the web deemed critical to the government.

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