How to Make American Coffee At Home

Bored up with routine morning coffee? Give a try to Caffe Americano

An Americano is a really delicious drink unlike its complicate name; it’s simply a cup of hot water with espresso. Americanos were actually created in Italy for American soldiers similar to drip coffee that's popular in the United States.

You’ll Need Two Things for your own Americano at Home: an espresso machine and hot/boiling water.

How to Make American Coffee At Home:

1. Ready the cup of coffee.

Tip: Pre-heating the mug by adding water and then boiling it in the microwave will give you a taste of an awesome coffee.

2. Pull a 3oz espresso shot into a separate glass or more if you like a stronger one.

3. Pour about 3oz or so of hot water into the mug you have ready in the beginning.

4. Pour the espresso shot into the mug.

Tip: Slowly pour it over hot water and enjoy it immediately.

5. Enjoy your Americano!

Personalization prevails, Like any espresso based drink. You can make your favorite style by tweaking the proportions of the ingredients.

Add on– honey, sugar, cinammon, etc.  

Now try it in your very own style to start a wonderful day!

  • Maximo: I am a coffee shop owner.