How to Launch Multiple PHP Artistry in Same Command Line

The php artisan tinker command is an excellent tool for rapid prototyping.

If you need to start several instances of PHP artisan, here is a quick tip: use the tinker command. This bootstraps your application on a separate thread. It uses PsySH to spawn the process. If you'd like to build custom commands, you can use the artisan.console command. This is very useful for testing new commands, but there are some limitations to using PsySH with Artisan.

php artisan tinker command bootstraps your application

The php artisan tinker command lets you bootstrap your application without writing any code. It simply waits for new commands and returns the current state of your application. Once you are done, you can exit the command, type Ctrl+C or close the terminal. To continue working with your application, you must run php artisan tinker again. You can add new variables and functions to the application's code with this command.

php artisan tinker command spawns a process on a separate thread

The php artisan tinker command is an excellent tool for rapid prototyping. It bootstraps the application, waits for new commands, and keeps its state until it is closed. Then, you can use ctrl-c or the terminal to close the session and add new variables. If you want to reuse the same settings, you can run php artisan tinker multiple times.

php artisan tinker command lets you build custom commands

PHP Artistry tinker command is a tool that allows you to build custom commands. It bootstraps your application and keeps it state during tinkering. After using this command, you should exit the session by using Ctrl+C or terminal to return to your main application. Then, you can continue building your custom commands using the same command. In this way, you can extend Tinker's power.

php artisan tinker command uses PsySH

The php artisan tinker command runs a Python interpreter on top of vanilla PsySH. This is one of the best ways to experiment with Laravel applications. Tinker includes several features that can make development easier and less intimidating. Basically, it starts an interactive PsySH shell and adds commands to it, which are defined in the $commandWhitelist property of the TinkerCommand class.

php artisan tinker command returns FALSE on failure

If you are using Laravel, you may encounter an error saying, "Could not open input file artisan". If you are experiencing this error, it may be because you are running php artisan tinker from outside of your Laravel project folder. If this is the case, replace "my_laravel_project/" with the folder name of your Laravel project.

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