How to Hire a Ghostwriter You Actually Trust in 10 Simple Steps

The standard hiring process requires authors to check the writer's reputation and create an agreement with the ghostwriters to be hired. The contract keeps everyone on the same page, fulfilling the project's expectations and ensuring that ghostwriters work with commitment.

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Suppose you plan to write but lack writing expertise or do not have enough time to write. There are thousands of freelancers in the market who write on behalf of the author. Contacting the right ghostwriters might be a daunting task. Before hiring ghostwriters for writing projects, ghostwriting companies should analyze a ghostwriter's writing and research skills. For instance, they have the experience to write books on various topics and have knowledge and understanding of the subject. A ghostwriter should have essential research skills to gather information about the theme they will work on. Extensive reading will help them to adopt a writing style that creates an interesting storyline and brief outline of the book. Consequently, working on a book with the assistance of another writer requires the authors to trust a ghostwriter's writing skills and insider knowledge. As they work in collaboration, it creates an intimate bond between the authors and ghostwriters. The author shares their thoughts and opinions, and ghostwriters adapt the author's voice and ideas in writing an enthralling and memorable manuscript. 

The standard hiring process requires authors to check the writer's reputation and create an agreement with the ghostwriters to be hired. The contract keeps everyone on the same page, fulfilling the project's expectations and ensuring that ghostwriters work with commitment. 

Things You Need to Ponder Before Hiring a Professional Ghostwriter 


Outline your project goals

Once you plan to write your book, analyze the objectives and goals of writing the book. Ask yourself a few questions, such as if you want to write an inspirational book that changes a reader’s life or if you desire to write an entertaining book. The other purposes could be writing an adventurous novel or fiction or writing a business book to expand your outreach and increase your brand image. The author must be clear about the writing goals; hence it will be convenient to discuss with the ghostwriter while drafting the storyline.


Ghost-hunting process

Searching for book writing services isn’t a simple process. The authors search the ghostwriting marketplace and review the top five choices. Many writers have published their work across various channels. A simple online search can help authors to locate their names and work. Consequently, the authors read those best profiles and picked the two or three experienced writers that seemed appropriate for their writing project. 

Sometimes, authors take professional assistance from ghostwriting services who help them search a skillful writer. An experienced team of writers can better judge a ghostwriter's skills. They conduct detailed interviews with ghostwriters and get insight into their writing style, tone, and research skills. Ghostwriters are asked to display their samples of written work that increase their market value. 


The proposal 

Once the author finds a proficient ghostwriter, they must sign an agreement that defines the writing project's details. The author should fill out a questionnaire that outlines the writing project's nature, such as writing articles, novels, fiction, or non-fiction books. Having comprehensive details of the project will assist the ghostwriters in knowing how much time and resources they require to complete the project. Moreover, it also determines how much a ghostwriter charges per project. The rates for each project vary. If experienced ghostwriters work on a whole book, it's best to settle on a flat fee that would cover the research, the writing, and several rounds of manuscript revision. A regular ghostwriter charges per-project basis, per hour, or word.


Hire subject matter experts

The hiring process requires selecting subject specialists who can proficiently write on the proposed topic. For instance, if you want a writer to write a business book, he should know about the product's branding and marketing. They can prepare outlines, images, and other marketing content that show that the ghostwriters have relevant experience in the marketing industry. Similarly, If you need someone to write website text or a brochure, you might be looking for an expert writer with extensive website experience who has written or co-authored a few website books. Writing an exciting and thrilling mystery book allows the authors to choose the best fictional writers with the spontaneous flow in creating exciting plots, action-packed scenes, events, and quirky characters to engross readers.


Collaboration between author and client

 A good relationship between the author and the ghostwriters implies having face-to-face meetings, phone meetings, teleconferencing, or long interviews. Effective and open communication will help the ghostwriters to get the relevant information regarding creating and building the plot, characterization, and drafting the first draft.


The details of the writing process

Experienced ghostwriters spend time with the author gathering information, asking questions, or conducting interviews regarding knowing the project scope. They work chapter-by-chapter basis following the author’s guidance and feedback. Consequently, this emphasizes that ghostwriters should be thoroughly aware of the writing process. 

Moreover, the writing procedure should be compatible with the work style of the writer. Deadlines should be flexible. Some writers move fast with the content; they set a deadline of about a week to deliver the chapter. Some keep a reasonable writing speed and take two weeks to complete per chapter. The least is three weeks or a month for writers who work at a slower pace. Maintaining deadlines helps writers work with constancy and produce quality work.

The writing process also comprises the author’s feedback methods. Either the author gives feedback within the text using a tracking tool or writes suggestions as comments and allows the writer to implement them. The writing process also clarifies the rounds of revisions of the first draft. 


Maintaining Confidentiality

Ghostwriters are required to uphold the secrecy of the material used for book writing. It is usually observed that many ghostwriters cheat the clients they have worked for. They either publish the content under a fictitious name or use excerpts from the author's book demonstrating it as their sample work. To overcome this hassle, ghostwriters must sign a Nondisclosure Agreement while making agreements with writing companies. The contract legally binds them to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript they are working on. The agreement ensures that any bit of the author's work will not be publicly disclosed under a ghostwriter's name.


Due Date

Ghostwriters are liable to follow the specific dates of completing the book project. It is better to finish sooner to avoid a dispute over payment and publishing issues.


Schedule of paying royaltie

Advances and royalties vary depending on the needs and priorities of the author. Some authors give a reduced percentage of the author’s royalties to the ghostwriters. At the same time, some authors reduce their fees and provide co-author credit. A ghostwriter can earn thousands of dollars if the book is a bestseller. 


To Recapitulate  

Opting for an appropriate writer is a daunting task and requires authors to choose writers wisely. There are various elements that authors or book writing companies need to cater to while engaging in the ghost-hunting process. Ghostwriters are hired for their quality of work; some may charge a fair amount while others charge a high amount. Experienced ghostwriters understand the project scope and the author’s views about the book. Consequently, they employ their time, energy, and potential to provide the best writing output. Under the ghostwriter’s contract, the ghostwriters get stipulations in royalties and an advance. Ghostwriters also help the editors proofread the manuscript and the writing agency with the publishing process. 

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