How to Start a Home-based Handyman Business?

To have a home-based handyman business that runs without any complexities, follow these steps to operate in the market.

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To get your feet wet as an entrepreneur in the market, home-based handyman business turns out to be an effective barrier for serving the purpose. The investment is fairly low as compared to other business and you have the luxury to start even as a one person for operations. However, there are certain steps that need to be followed for starting the setup without any issues.

  1. Choose Your Services - The foremost consideration for the handyman business is the selection of the services you can provide to the clients. Most of the newcomers make mistake by thinking that doing everything would earn them additional revenues. However, in reality, it is more profitable for the home-based handyman to specialize the services. The reason behind is that there will be good word of mouth regarding your services among the clients if you do the work only in fields where you are expert in.
  2. Legal Requirements - It would be worst for your business that after a time in the market you get to realize that for operating as a handyman in the state, one must require a contractor license. Nonetheless, there are some services that can be provided to clients without the license. Besides this, it is ideal for you to obtain the contractor license as it ensures your skills to the clients which attract them towards your company to get repairing work.
  3. Customer Segmentation - When you are looking to satisfy all the people, it will definitely result in receiving some negative reviews. Therefore, you must target the right customers which are essential for your business. Apart from this, it brings you satisfaction to work with people that you find enjoying to provide services too. Customer segmentation will improve your reputation and automatically increase your market.
  4. Price Strategy - For any business, the price plan for the services and products is essential for its success. At the start, you may choose to provide services at lower rates. As a home-based handyman business owner, it is easier for you to manage the things at lower rates. However, the alternative strategy is to build a reputation at starting on higher rates depending on the market competition and customers.  
  5. Advertisement Campaign - Well, it is a common understanding to everyone that no business can reach its full potential without the proper market and advertisement campaign. There are plenty of options available to you in the era of technology. The range continues from the word of mouth, social media marketing or placing posters over the roads and marketing areas. It is a fact that most of the handymen are poor marketers so maybe it's good for you to hire some company in initial days for the advertisement.

Homeowners are always looking for the local handyman services at affordable rates. Therefore, starting the home-based handyman business can be a great endeavor in order to capture the market as it costs much less than that of the companies. Hence, do not hesitate for this startup if you have the right skills for it.


  • Andrew Agar: Blogger at VoIP Terminator